overview of computer services from Hereford Computer Help

I deliver a wide range of IT and computer services to individuals and small businesses. Whether you have a desktop, tower PC or a laptop running Windows, or an Apple iMac or Macbook, I can provide you with affordable help quickly.

When I am away from home, and when I’m providing support, I use a Macbook Pro, which I have set-up to run Mac OS X and Windows. This gives me the ability to adapt to whatever the client needs to be shown.

Maybe you’ve just bought your first Android device, or perhaps an iPad has taken your fancy. The smartphone and tablet revolution has significantly changed the way we access the internet for ever. I have owned 4 different versions of the Apple iPad since 2010, and I enjoy showing people how to have fun with their iPads.

I particularly welcome seniors to get in touch with me about having some computer lessons. For example, many of my regular clients are older than me, and they appreciate my patient and friendly help, in the comfort of their own homes.

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