my services

Services – Starting to use your device and more
Introduction to keyboard and layout, including shortcuts and tips
Broadband setup – trouble-shooting internet and connection problems
Getting to grips with the latest trends in social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Making the most of your Android tablets and Apple iOS devices
Help with Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Outlook – and their free alternatives
Internet – learn to use Google effectively, try out different browsers; for example Edge, Chrome, Firefox
Discover how to search for images, and find photographs similar to others, even your very own!
Virus and spyware problems – I can advise you how to protect yourself
Services – Support and more
How many sessions?
The choice is entirely yours. Many of my clients enjoy the fact that they are under no obligation to commit to an ongoing contract, or a set number of sessions¬Ě. On the other hand, I have several clients who like me to visit on a regular basis, to help with day-to-day computer issues, rapid changes in the way they use the internet and email.
Support at your location
No need to worry about transporting your device into a shop or office for help; I will come to your home or location. I do not charge for travelling within Hereford city. Further afield, I need to make a small mileage charge to cover petrol.
Macbook and Mac support
In addition to Windows, I am familiar with Macs and Macbooks; I use a Macbook Pro when I’m mobile. I can help you get even more out of your Apple product.
Webpage and website creation
I have developed several web sites from scratch, and I have also helped customers when they have needed to bring their websites up-to-date.
Email – webmail, or email client, or both?
You have several options when it comes to how you use and access your email. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. I can advise you on which might be best for your situation, and then configure it, according to your needs.
iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone help
I have owned and used 4 incarnations of the Apple iPad since they were first released in 2010; I’m now using an iPad Air 2. I have solved countless problems for my customers with iDevices, and I am very familiar with their set-up and use. I also use an Amazon Android tavlet, and Samsung Android smartphone.